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I Didn’t “Love Sidney”. I Only Liked Him As A Friend.

I Didn’t “Love Sidney”. I Only Liked Him As A Friend.
I woke up thinking about 80’s sitcoms and lamenting about the good ole boob tube days of yore and their amazing theme songs. For some reason, “Love, Sidney” popped in my head because I couldn’t remember the song.  
Then I wondered: – is Tony Randall still alive?
Did he ever come out of the closet?
Whatever did happen to Sidney?
Google, show me the way!

What I found  through the journey of the interwebs was shocking! Turns out – he’s dead. And he was not only not gay (at least openly) but married twice…to women! AND – perhaps the biggest bombshell: Love, Sidney participated in one of the biggest musical travesties of this century. There was a reason I couldn’t think of it. It’s because due to PTSD my brain had to eradicate it from my memory in order to survive. More on that later.

First: his personal life. 

Randall’s first marriage lasted for 50 years until her death in 1992. His second marriage lasted until his in 2004. He met his second wife when she was a young intern of 25 and ended up siring two children with her. (I know, I know.)

He asserted his heterosexuality until he died.

"I had sex with a man old enough to be my grampa and we have these two fuck trophies"
“I had sex with a man old enough to be my grandpa and we have these two fuck trophies”

On to “Love, Sidney”

Love, Sidney was a groundbreaking sitcom as its main character was a gay man. It was subtle, but it was there.  I had no idea when I watched it as a kid that the inference was that he was gay. What else have I missed? However, it didn’t last long because if you think America can’t handle the gayness now, they certainly couldn’t handle it in the early 80’s.

” I’m totally straight. Now clean up all your shit. “

Which brings us to the third discovery.

The Theme Song. I probably didn’t get the homosexual subtlety because I was too distracted by the most horrific show theme ever to sodomize the airwaves. A cast should NEVER EVER EVER sing the theme song unless it is Edith and Archie Bunker or the Life Goes On cast With Patty Lupone and Chris Burke (Corky has a band now, more on that later).

But don’t take my word for it. Prepare to have your ears bleed:

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