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Why Wonder Woman is Important. Now.

Why Wonder Woman is Important. Now.

I was about 6 when I found my father’s Wonder Woman comics stashed between some Conan The Barbarians and Batman. Finding the WW comic book, nestled among those brawny men, who usually had women in submissive poses adorned at their feet was nothing short of revelatory.

It was about 1980, and I was already a fan of the Linda Carter series. I had long been wearing my mother’s bracelets to deflect make-believe bullets, pretending to fly in my invisible airplane courtesy of my couch with the plastic slipcover, and using my dime store jump rope to tie up unwilling members of my family.

And that was about it for female superheroes for a long time. Sure, there were tertiary X-men and the sexpot sidekick heroes like Black Widow, but there was no woman taking the center stage — being the only hero, kicking ass and taking names. Women, for the most part in superhero films, had been reduced to the love interest, the assistant, the psycho villain, or the damsel needing saving.

In the time between 1980 and now, I have learned what it’s really like to be a woman in America. It’s a lot different than what was between those pages of that old comic book I read with my eyes gleaming. I have watched a less competent but better self-marketing man get the corner office, I was cat-called when I was just walking to school, I was assaulted in nightclubs just trying to have fun. And so much more. If you’re a woman reading this, you can fill in the blanks.

Going into the new Wonder Woman movie with Gal Gadot, I was hesitant and filled with reservations. Would they get it right?

The answer is yes.

I won’t spoil the movie for you, but there is a scene, aptly dubbed “No Man’s Land”, where our heroine emerges from a war-torn landscape with fierce determination. That was the first time I cried during this movie.

Women need this movie. Women need this movie NOW. What women?

Every woman that has been told they ‘can’t’ by a man, simply because they are a woman.

Every woman that has been overlooked at the office because a less qualified man got the promotion she deserved because she’s not ‘one of the boys’.

Every woman that had her power taken from her while she made the mistake of having too much to drink at a party.

Every woman that fears for her medical rights.

Every woman that desperately wanted a strong female figure, only to be served botox, breast implants, and an unrealistic bottom.

Is Gal Gadot attractive? Of course, she is – it’s still Hollywood, after all. But for once her looks or any parts of her body aren’t on display or the point of her story. It’s not about that. It’s about power, strength, will and doing what’s right.

I’m so excited for little girls growing up right now. Here’s to raising a new generation that won’t be Keeping up with any Kardashian because they’re too busy saving the goddamn world.

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